About Alexis

My name is Alexis Frasier and I am an aspiring graphic designer who is a graduate student at the University of South Carolina. I am currently a graduate student assistant where I study under professors in the graphic design program where I work and assist under professors.  I am graduating in December of 2020, and my dream is to work with a company where I can show off my skills in adobe suite and my creative ideas. I am currently studying graphic design and also taking printmaking classes exploring mediums and different crafts to add to my portfolio.

I graduated with my BFA in 2018 from thee University of South Carolina Aiken. I studied under professors like Al Beyer, Micheal Fowler, and Ginny Southworth. In my undergrad years I experimented in dark room photography, website design, graphic design, 3-D animation, and drawing. I competed in t-shirt design competition for the USC Biology day t-shirts, Research day and the City of Aiken Newspaper logo competition in 2016.  GPA of 3.6 in major, Overall GPA 3.372.


My goal is to create designs that inspire and motivate people leaving a lasting impression on my viewers. I am also interested in print production. Graphic designers have creative control of the design and I love the creative process of making something from start to finish. I create works from sketching out ideas to printing my designs to cutting and mounting.I have a strong print production background where I am in charge of all the print production in the shop from composing and creating notepads to making calendars and brochures. My goal is to combine the two so I can be a key asset at a company where I can put both of my strengths to use.






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